Reports and Presentations

Find below the power point presentations of facilitators and the respective participant reports for units and modules of the summer school 2017

Unit 1: Framing the Analytical Contexts: Gender Methodology and Intersectionality

Unit Objectives:

  • Establishing epistemological and theoretical foundations of gender and feminist research and the links to land tenure, resource policies, and mobility.
  • Building the capacity of young researchers to apply gender sensitive and feminist research methods.

Module 1:African Feminists Epistemology

Module 2: Gender-sensitive research methodology

Module 3: Gender and Intersectionality in land research

Module 4: Feminist and intersectional theories on resource policies.

Unit 2: Cooperative Learning

Unit Objectives:

  • Creating a forum for peer learning and networking among young researchers
  • Working through the students’ case studies with a gender lens/engendering each other’s research
  • Building the capacity of young researchers to apply gender sensitive and feminist research methods research methods

Module 4: Analyzing research data: approaches and the use of software

Unit 3: Land Tenure, Land Rights, and Mobile livelihoods

Unit Objectives:

  • Strengthening the knowledge on mobile livelihoods, politics of land migration, pastoralism, and displacement
  • Looking at current theories on migration and mobile livelihoods from a gender/intersectional perspective
  • Discussing state and development theory its implications for gendered land rights within the context of labour mobility

Module 1: Sedentary bias in land tenure arrangements and land legislation: a gender perspective


Module 2: Conflicts over land

A. Land Conflicts, Pastoralists and Agriculturalists

B. Land conflicts: Returnees, Migrants, and Stayers


Module 3: Mobility, Development and the State

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